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Another Hit-Point game that I just absolutely LOVE. It's probably the most complex of the Kemco RPGs, mainly because of the job system. You'll have to constantly change jobs depending on where you're going and what type of enemies you'll be facing, and it can be quite daunting at first. But once you get into it, it really shines.

Worst yet

I have several of kemco's RPGs and this one is the worst by far. It is just a dull grindfest. Gold drops are so low compared to the price of new equipment, you can forget about buying anything. Mini bosses take your characters out in one shot unless you grind for an hour before each one. The characters are dull and forced and the story is virtually non existent. And to top it off, it has iap. Definitely avoid, even for 99c.

Dark gate bug

Fun class system but game didn't notice that I cleared both dark gates in the jungle so I can't complete the quest. I got iap but can't finish game so it is disappointing.


I've looked everywhere, i can't find any item or job thats casts fire, ice, or wind...

It's okay.

Get it while it's on sale for 99c, or wait until the next sale. The story is is a bit of a snoozer, and the characters are forgettable. I played through it in about 15-20 hours and managed to get all the jobs, max level, and more than enough gold without spending any money in IAPs. Items and equipment may seem really expensive at first, but the secret is that A LOT of good stuff can be stolen from enemies. Focus on mastering classes like Scout, Thief, Hunter, Ranger, etc. until you unlock the Chaser class. Then replace your auto-attack skill with the Chaser's Mug ability. You will then auto-steal with every attack. You'll have more than enough items and gold in no time. There are almost too many jobs, and they are all very shallow and boring though, and offer only one or two skills each. You'll find yourself easily mastering them all and then moving on to the next job without much of a thought. I feel like they could have cut out a lot of jobs and streamlined them down into about half the number. There are multiple endings, and you can start a New Game Plus to carry over all your items/jobs/etc from previous playthroughs, so there is a certain degree of replay value. It's not a bad purchase at 99c.

Dark Gate

The game is good but I have a problem with the automatic attack can controlled the battle. Please make an update to have the control of battle system. THANKS FOR THE ATTENTION.!!!!

Old school

It's a good old school rpg

Poor Man's Final Fantasy Dimensions

This game is similar to Final Fantasy Dimensions because both have job systems. However, this game has solid gameplay but a poor story. You will tire of the dialogue quickly, especially when Leo says, "Leo's the name, RPG's my game." In a way you can try to see how campy the dialogue is, in a sort of so bad it's good way. Darkgate just has you tap on tiers to change to stronger jobs and manually set individual abilities, so it is a bit confusing at first (with no tutorial). Fortunately it becomes simple to use once you get used to activating passive abilities and skills. You can also speed up battles and you basically break up auto battle with commands/abilities rather than input turns, so the fighting is nice. Fortunately, the game is an improvement on Grinsia because it has better menus and you can quickly enter/exit towns and dungeons. I do like how Darkgate lets you change the difficulty at any time in case there are spikes or you need a level 1 character to level up quickly. In short, play it while it is on sale if you need to laugh at something or are in an rpg drought.

Lot of fun

I've played for over 10 hours, and still plenty of game to go! Interesting story and fun combat. A great retro rpg!

Definitely not worth more than a dollar.

For a dollar this was a great time killer (put about 15 or so hours into it), but it just wasn't a great game. Job/Class systems have always been a weakness of mine, so this game got me into it by the sheer amount of classes and how quickly they unlocked (the auto battle system makes grinding really easy). However, the classes aren't that great (you won't use most of them), the story is... dreadful, the characters are bland and forced (I couldn't get attached to any of them), and the graphics/artwork are pretty bad. Battles are fought mostly on their own and with a fast-forward button available, it'll probably be the button you use for anything but boss fights. If all you want is to run around and grind with characters who, with their horrible dialogue, would be better as silent protagonists, with a job system that needs a lot more to it, and battles that are pretty much just you watching the screen as the characters automatically fight.... then go for this. For a buck it's pretty decent, but I wouldn't buy it again nor do I recommend it for anything higher than one dollar. For $7 (current price) there are far better games out there, you could buy a few of them for this price!


I have played almost every turned based rpg on iOS and I didn't really enjoy this game. Lost my interest very early.


Really like this game it is similar to final fantasy. Just with a bad story (maybe I'm not far enough to get to the good stuff). The game play to me makes up for the bad plot :D job system is awesome in this one 😃😃


Can anyone help me? I can't seem to combine magic :(

Honest reviews? Any takers please?!?

Oh, let me count the ways how horrible of a shamble this game will become to you. Only hardcore, bored out of the mind RPG-gamers will finish this boring title developed by kemco. The theme by kemco is the same delivery again and again. Very few differences between each game. (Major frustration involved here.) Lets see: [the negatives] Bland and boring story! (Oh boy, multiple endings, but WHY?!? Torture!!) Clumsy targetting system, poor movement controls! $3 for the game, advance store inside for extra $ to make the game less harder. (Mind blown to discover the clear game didn't add any bonuses other then retain job/items/money.) Poor class system. Most classes are underused, if not completely ignored. Biggest bogus is the disadvantage if you decide to level up the other classes later in the game, but lose out on the passive skills due to tiers. Hokey! (Very uninteresting classes, mark a few uber special classes that aren't unlocked until you grind yourself to sheer mugging boredom near the very end of the game. Hint: thor.) The cost of items. In the previous games of kemco, your nearly item dependant. In this game, your not due to vital items costing 5k-10kplus. So by middle of the game you might be able to afford fruit and elixers, then find out that your abilities are far superior then blowing your money away. Monsters nearly immune to physical/magic attacks in the beginning of the game. Luckily the only battles you can't run away from is boss monsters. (I mean gimme a break here, some monsters were just unkillable beg/mid/endgame. Slugs having like 999def/magdef?) Quests. Big flopping failure. Especially the beads,coin,silver,mythril,50+ monster squashing quests. The problem about the 50+ is the RSG. (Random spawn generator.) With extradinairely low encounter rates for quests, rarely steal success attempts for collector quests. This alone drove me nearly to quit the quests itself. Being that if you fail to do them, you don't get the OP special tiers. So, chew off your nails afterwards. The very slim differences between each npc to party with. Lame story, backround, and overall commaderie. (What a bore!) ---- Lets see: [The good] Special dungeons [100 annoying floors later] that has some challengable optional boss monsters. Frankly I had the hardest time w/ the earth spirit boss. Autogrinding. Meaning: the characters automatically attack the npcs, up to you if you want to stack specials to do some devastating combos. (THANK THE GOOSES FOR A FAST FORWARD BUTTON!!!!) This is it. Leaves less to be desired unless you've downloaded nearly RPG like myself; rated only one game in good standing btw.

No thunder magic?

It's a great game and honestly this didn't bother me that much but now theres jobs and resistances I want but can't get because for some reason I don't have the thunder magic tome so I can't be a thunder caster and everything following... Help please? Where is it?

Top notch

I love everything but the story. In all previous kemco games,the plot was the highlight of the game. Where as the first seen with the 1/4 inch black hole and the "ooh look a monster!" makes you want to laugh. The story obviously lacks worse in other places but I found that scene so comically pathetic that I had to bring it up. Anyways, good luck on updates and earning my five star approval! 👍

Great job

At first I thought it was easy but then it got hard. Story is great. I love everything about the game but the JPD how it gets deleted when the saved file does fix it and you got a perfect game:)

Some words are cut off

First off let me say that this is a nice game. Decent story (although they go out of their way to input what different things are such as: "hey remember that war?". "Of course it was...." etc). And I've also noticed a lot of words are cut off. At least on the iphone. Hope they update it cause thats driving me crazy.

Great game

It's a job well done with this game. It's well polished and the customization is top notch. The only complaint I have is the GDP situation. You loose if if you delete the save file that has it. It would be great if you would let us make an account and keep the points on that account, so that we could apply them any save file. And it would be even better if the IAPs that we purchased would be saved to the account also. It's still a great game. Keep up the great work. I look forward to your future developments.


Everything the description tells is all true and some. It is a lot harder then I thought though (better then ff) wish there were better hints, but I love the controls.

So good!

It is amazing! The art reminds me of final fantasy, and the job system is awesome! It really makes me feel like I'm earning my teams power!

Sweet game!

Love it so far kemco knows how us old schoolers like are RPGs thanks.

Truly wonderful game!

This game is so fun. There is so much customization. You raise your characters to be the way you want them to be! I would suggest this app!


A real rpg buy it i got it for .99cents cause it was off it is alot like final fantasy it should be on 3DS BUy IT it is great


On par with Fantasy Chronicle. Very fun game and much more quick paced than RPGs with no auto control for grinding.

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